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Soldiers soon found that the M was a liability on the modern battlefield with its limited firepower. Back when the West was still wild and the rifle was the tool of choice for survival and frontier justice, the venerable. Mr Imperato, rich guys dating Just a quick note to let you know I just read the article in the Sept shooting times. So glad you stayed in touch all this time since I first ordered the catalogue.


Such a purchase additionally supports such researchers and their work, and is, long term, to the benefit of us all. In addition to Martini-Henry rifles, the horde included brass cannons, numerous bayonets, musket flints and balls, and kukris, Nepalese curved knives. The West may have been tamed and fenced long ago, but its unbridled spirit lives on in this line of traditional big-bore Henry rifles. Phil Bryant Governor, State of Mississippi.

With its retirement came the end of an era. The number below identified the inspector. There are a number of methods by which a rifle can be dated, or at least bracketed between certain years of manufacture. When the cartridge was pushed in the chamber, indicated by two grooves on the inside of the barrel, dating these extractor arms held the casing upon catching the rim of the cartridge. The rule is calibrated in millemetres.

It fired a variant of the. Hitherto, John, who worked for the B. Akin to the longstanding hallmarking system for British silverware, in which letter codes relate to years of manufacture or importation, is an equivalent employed by the British Proof Houses. The weapons were brought back to Gillette, New Jersey for restoration, where they reside to this day and are available for purchase. Unlike a bolt-action rifle like a Mauser, who is the Martini-Henry could not be converted to a magazine-fed weapon.

This model was usually given to airmen to shoot down the bomb dropping German Zeppelins that plagued London. The M field manual instructed soldiers to push the cartridge out with a cleaning rod, but this presented a problem since the M carbine was not equipped with a cleaning rod. It is worth mentioning one or two books in particular from which much data relevant to this website's subject matter can be sought.


However, due to production problems with Krag, the M was still issued to most Volunteer formations that served in the Spanish-American War and in the Philippines. Upon firing, the lock partially extracted the cartridge delivering it to the extractor. However, date marks such as are under discussion and described below, are usually out of sight on the under-side of the barrel, and removal of fore-end furniture may be necessary to find them. During the age of the British Empire, Nepal was an independent state under British influence rather than explicitly a colony. Marines from the Taliban insurgents in the current war in Afghanistan.

The alphabet was restarted several years post-war in with A, but now each letter change was made at the beginning of the year. Today, it remains a popular weapon for gun collectors in the United States and around the world. It is an amazing shooting rifle. My wife really gave me a great suprise when she took me to the gun shop to buy this for me. Unlike the Krag, which had a five-round magazine, the Springfield Trapdoor had to be manually reloaded after firing a round.

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As far as civilian rifles are concerned, some manufacturers have their own dating systems, with, for example, prefixes or suffixes to serial numbers providing that information. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry. Henry has an outstanding track record of listening to their customers. The Unites States even took a crack at making Martini-Henrys.

It may not be immediately obvious, but careful observation may provide you with the information for which you are looking. Do remember, though, that date information coded with proof and Proof-House inspection, viewing or identification marks, does not necessarily coincide with the date of manufacture. Beautiful craftsmanship and accuracy.


  • He has put the rifle to work this year during deer season.
  • But most likely the rarest variant was the Greener Prison Shotgun, developed for use by prison guards around the turn of the century.
  • Date marks for the London Proof House did not commence until and are therefore of limited value in dating classic rifles.

Presumably, the Martini-Henry rifles were stored after the delivery of the updated guns and forgotten. Rifles without modern proof still regularly appear on the market, having lain in store for decades. Anschutz target rifles fall into this category, and their system is given on the page for these rifles. Company for many years and holds most of those records not destroyed in enemy bombing raids on the factories during the War, has been willing to help date a particular B.

Scott Gardner Cortland, Ohio. All firearms sold to private individuals in the U. Today, it is a favorite weapon of gun collectors. The Springfield Trapdoor and other single-shot rifles would be rendered obsolete by magazine-fed bolt-action rifles in the late nineteenth century.

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Such research is a major part of the joy of owning, collecting and shooting classic or historic rifles. Just a quick note to let you know I just read the article in the Sept shooting times. Additionally, solid point cartridges could be reloaded with an external primer this task became a form of extra duty punishment on the frontier. Most soldiers were only given ten cartridges a month with which to practice, and some units did not even receive that much. The lever worked a pin that propelled a tumbler, acting on the block, into the case.

It is to be found under the barrel just foreward of the receiver, and requires removal of the fore-end woodwork to view. The origins of the M Springfield date back to the waning days of the Civil War. It has been called the greatest single discovery of antique firearms in modern history. The gun used a Martini action and only took highly specialized shotgun shells. On the frontier, the M performed admirably during several engagements with Indian warriors, and it gained a reputation as a dependable firearm.

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The M used a copper-cased cartridge which propelled a. The problem, however, lay not with the rifle itself but with the ammunition. When the lever was worked forward, the dropping block forced this bent arm forward, fox alicia causing the upright arms to extract the cartridge case slightly. It played a massive role in the subjugation of peoples in India and Africa.

  1. It is the finest firearm I have ever owned or shot.
  2. We may never know the answer, but can meanwhile entertain ourselves dreaming up such explanations.
  3. Your information is safe and will never be shared.
  4. The two markings are shown below, the International to the left, and Century to the right.
  5. The idea behind the shooting competitions was to prepare soldiers for fighting on the open plains, and ensure that the best shots would come away victorious.
  6. Hunting coyotes with my new Henry.
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As far as we are aware, all B. We both carried our Big Boys in the deer woods for the first time as Ohio just passed the law to allow pistol cartridge rifles for deer hunting. Custer ordered an attack that would go down in American military history as the greatest blunder of the Plains Wars. Cavalry units armed with the Sharps carbine were re-equipped with a carbine version of the M, which had a reduced barrel size of twenty-two inches.

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However, if an estimate of the rifle's age from other sources closely matches the date marks, then you probably have pinned down when it was made within a year or so. Account Dealers Customer Support. It is everything I expected. To load a round, a soldier had to open the latch and manually insert a single cartridge.

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