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Graphics Broadwell Drivers. To clarify, though, this is nothing to do with the software. Did you find the primary information you were looking for?

Home Hardware Products Graphics. In fact, I can see that I am skipping a few frames every few seconds. It is a known issue that many notebook displays are incredibly gray and lazy when it comes to displaying colors. However the inf for does in fact include Haswell.

So I think there is something with Intel driver too, thoughts? What is your primary reason for visiting Intel Support Community today? Is there a driver planned soon for P graphics? All the other demos look good with latest drivers. You should avoid the driver on Haswell chips if you run Einstein Home, even occasionally as a backup project.

Weakly similar will not go. Kind regards, Maarten, The Netherlands. At least be transparent about what's going on if it's going to take this long. If you require a response, contact support.

Velocet Your Sony system was configured by Sony with a customized graphics driver. However, once this has been done, future driver updates can be done with. It seems like a small thing to change, but it would make a world of a difference, especially for us notebook users with lazy-gray displays. If I watch the same video at p, the video is a bit more jerky.

Are Intel aware of this issue still persisting? With all previous Intel driver versions, driver sound card asrock every disc that I want to play functions perfectly. So I am going to guess until Intel updates it we will continue to have problems with newer driver releases.

But either way, this problem has forced me to roll back to v, so that I can continue to watch films. By any chance did you try to install the driver? Your Sony system was configured by Sony with a customized graphics driver. That implementation is a lot slower. As always, feedback is appreciated.

This update addresses several previously found issues. Fine, Chrome may have done some change which to me is magnifying the issue. With so many people having this exact problem, I believe you should make fixing it a priority.

At this point, it really feels like nothing is being done. Hold on while I find a link. Now I know that this my get out of your domain, but do you have any explanation for why Chrome is not able to hardware accelerate that youtube video? This bug has been here for so long.

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What is the current driver version installed on your computer? For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

We are investigating the issues and will post updates. When I upgrade to v, I get the black screen problem which may, as stated above, be related to the use of hardware acceleration to play back a particular video format. The story is different for Einstein. Only certain file types can be uploaded. We are still working this issue.

Unfortunately latest driver. That's all you guys have said for a long time. This will provide improved video playback capabilities on the platforms listed in the following table. Which is a very big haystack to search for needles.

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Bernd and Oliver deserve a weekend off, but I'd be prepared to re-open negotiations around Tuesday next week if nothing else has blown up in the meantime. Hi Robert, Driver installed successfully and running well.

Downloads for Intel HD Graphics

The difference appears to be in the. If it helps, the problem seems to happen on all Universal and Warner Brothers discs that I've tried. Can we at least get a progress update? Ok, so this could be fair explanation for high res video.

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Funny enough, this same issue I have with drivers for Bluetooth and Wireless. Given that this appears to be Broadwell specific thing, is a patch or new version of driver expected. If I turn the video to p, the playback becomes perfectly smooth. Any help would be welcome. So the release may not work any better than the release.

Related Questions Nothing found. This has been an issue acknowledged by Intel for some time now. So I had assumed did not include Haswell either. Youtube in the last few months has changed the default codec from H.

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Be careful with Intel drivers - many of the current ones don't work properley. Why isn't it possible to install the driver with the normal installation?

There are other posts in this forum dating back to early about this issue. Does anyone know if these problems have been reported to Microsoft? Both the exe and zip versions have been updated. Also the supported hardware listed on the drivers is not complete as compared to what is listed in the.