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There is a - at least the way it looks - big mouse bar in front of the touchpad. The P's battery compartment. The choice of materials fit very well into this line of lifestyle products. Consequently, a big part of the surroundings is reflected on the screen.

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LG P420-N.AE40V Drivers

At first glance, the laptop looks like an Apple product because it is - like a majority of others, too - mostly made of white plastic. More details can be disabled in the games options. However, it's very slow and thus also quiet if not nearly silent. The world looks a lot bigger from this perspective. Norton Antivirus is installed as virus protection software.

Lg p420 driver

While brilliant colors can still be reproduced in the office, they quickly lose their intensity when the laptop is used outdoors. The almost gram light laptop is well manufactured and also very stable. The number of ports in the front area could prove to be uncomfortable for left-handed users when they are extensively used. It's only too bad that both wireless connections are always disabled at the same time.

The reflections aren't perceived quite as intensely in dimmed rooms. We could see more of the garden than of the actual video, which was played during the photo shooting, realtek high definition audio driver windows 7 64 bit 2012 on the notebook's screen. Dark pictures or dark video sequences already prove to have a light gray hue. The viewing angle stability is unsatisfactory.

The new notebook can only be opened with both hands. We noticed that the Toshiba disk was never audible during the test. The accomplished frames of the different resolutions are a bit below the average of those in our database.

However, the bar is only responsive at two points, namely its outer right and left. The single keys are easy to press and the key drop is agreeably short. The surface doesn't have its own texture and neither differs in color nor in feel from the rest of the laptop. Desktop performance for Windows Aero.

The laptop's fan works permanently in this case. Easy to use and noiseless keyboard. There's nothing unusual about the P's connectivity.

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Simulated stress test a few minutes after start. Memory operations per second.

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The cooling system's lateral vents. The Nvidia GeForce graphics is suitable for both office tasks as well as multimedia applications. It hardly looks any different than the wrist rest. The picture inverts or fades quickly when the viewing angle deviates vertically.

The slim plastic lid doesn't yield even under pressure and can only be warped with a lot of force. The matt surface is very resistant against fingerprints and dust.

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LG P420-N.AE40V Drivers