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Ping I15 Driver Specs

It has a higher torque, but a low trajectory and is controllable. Golf club head covers, tool kits, torque wrenches, or other related accessories should be included whenever possible though are not mandatory. Trade values are based on several factors such as demand, condition, release date and other resale factors.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet features a state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability and confidence. Who do I contact if I have questions about my trade-in? Trade-in Now Schedule Fitting Now. Head cover looks very cool. Suffice it to say, I was very excited to get my hands on this driver.

Still, because the driver performed so well on the majority of the face it absolutely is the most forgiving driver I have ever played. It reminds me of a whip cracking. Which is doubtless on me, but I found no love with this club, and am sticking to my beloved Cally. If u put the right swing on this driver then you will outdrive ur prior club by yards.



Ping i15 driver specs

Loved my Taylor made Burner very forgiving, accurate. Muscle-Back Look The muscle-back geometry helps to hinge the precision-milled, forged, C maraging steel face, which flexes, adding dynamic loft while increasing ball speed, trajectory and distance.

Ping G15 Driver Specifications

Still winter here in Colorado. Poor This golf club shows considerable wear but is usable. The best way to describe it was dead. Strongly recommend getting fitted.

Our stores are located in Minnesota, Arizona, and Delaware. What happens if there are any discrepancies? Precision Grooves, Face The face and grooves are precision-milled to provide a flat surface for ensuring consistent ball speeds and reliable ballstriking. But for whatever reason, when I missed fairways, I tended to miss them by a lot.

Find a fitter with a Trackman unit. This year-old now has hope for the future. On all shots hit high or low on the clubface, there was a slight trajectory change which resulted in minimal distance loss. This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord.

It was a great driver for distance with a fair bit of forgiveness as well. My one concern was the heel of the driver. Club bounce angles will vary slightly if ordered with non-standard loft specs. Titanium Carbon Finish The black finish looks deadly and vicious, a great look at address. Traditional Black Finish The high-polish black crown has a traditional, clean look at address.

Way happy, have been playing with Ping driver for the last ten years. Ping has once again gained position one in my bag. After hitting a few balls with, what I thought were good results, wd my book live mac drivers I went over to the pro who was fitting and demoing out for Ping.

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This club looks awful, I hate ping. Settled on the ping, consistently hit further, straighter. Overall, this is the best driver that I have ever hit. This is an awesome driver.

This driver really lowered the rpms and allows me a more controlled low fade with good roll. Differences in playability? Only when I tried to hit a hard cut could I get the ball to fade. Aside from the slight distance loss caused by trajectory, I was pleasantly surprised by the clubs extremely consistent draw.

Ping i15 Driver Review - Golfalot

The better the condition the higher value given for the item. Below Average This golf club has been well used, but not abused. All of them carried far enough to get past the troubles and stilled allowed me a shoot into the green.

Ping G15 Driver

First ball felt like I hit it ok with a bit lower than normal ball flight. Titlesit has some serious competition with this line-up. It seems to fit better in my hand.

Other than that they look like they were made from the same mold so to speak. We need more clubs like this one. Very tough habit to break.