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Reshafting Ping G10 Driver

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If you don't care about the old shaft you can cut it off and drill it out. The company was established in in the garage of founder Karsten Solheim, a mechanical engineer. You'll probably have trouble pulling the shaft straight out before you overheat the head. They can store the most amount of torque while still producing a square clubface at impact. Do you have a shaft extractor?

This means they are ideal for adding force to slow and delicate swings but can be disastrous to golfers with a stronger swing, as this aid comes at the sacrifice of accuracy. You don't want to heat it up too much.

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They are a mix of Dynamic Golds and Dynalite Golds. The pulling should be done by someone experienced unless you've got a junk club to practice on first. As a result, they play right inbetween flexwise.

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Anything that is deep bore or bore-through will require a stronger, even pull the entire time, allowing the shaft to get free actually before the epoxy is entirely broken down. Putting a shaft in is not hard. But I'll let the experts chime in with the actual advice and voices of experience. If different work is needed on each club then check the boxes and describe the different club repairs in Additional Instructions. We are one of the oldest and largest Golf forums on the internet with golfers from around the world sharing tips, photos and planning golf outings.

The driver was released to the golfing public with myriad shaft options. He discovered a love for writing as student at Pensacola Christian College and after learning many lessons in the workplace, he enjoys writing business and finance pieces. So I thought, maybe it's just my swing or something. You are better off just having a shop pull and install the new shaft. Find some old beat up one used somewhere and practice on it.

That shaft has got to flex about as much as rebar! This is the most important part. Types of Hy-Vo Motorcycle Chains. If you've never pulled a graphite shaft before, I don't think I'd start out on my gamer.

If you're thinking of reshafting, try just one iron in the set to make sure that it's what you're looking for. The name Ping comes from the sound of the golf ball striking the putter. As in, everytime I would swing the driver with reshafted shaft, it was duck hooks all day. For some strange reason, infoway note w7430 driver wireless every driver I reshafted on my own was a complete diaster so to say.

If the club is longer, trim the butt end grip end of the golf club to the desired finished length. Do you already have an account?

Releaser acknowledges that Releaser assumes all such liability and responsibility. These flexes cater to multiple golfers with different swing types and can be the key factor in separating subtle draws or fades from devastating hooks or slices. And i want to ho something. Is there a chart that will give you the swing weight results with custom specs.

Reshafting Driver - Golf Equipment - Forums

Reshafting a Ping G10

No, create an account now. Karsten Solheim died in but the company continues to be family owned and operated. OffsetIrons more offset are. Author Write something about yourself.

Swing weight is the relationship of the weight at the clubhead end of the club to the weight at the grip end of the club. There will be some shafts that will just not come out this way, the epoxy will not break down before the shaft takes too much heat. Does anyone have a chart for me about these shafts?

So in my experience you don't want to ever use too much heat at time, don't get heat too close to any part of the shaft and never, ever twist even a millimeter. Just dont want to inadvertently damage the head. Don't touch it for like a half hour.

Reshafting ping g10 driver

Is this something a newbie could do? Don't do it without a shaft extractor and heat it short bursts as it takes awhile for the heat to carry in. What shafts did you move to? There is some serious misinformation above. It is intriguing, reading the posts you all make on the subject does tend to make me interested in experimenting with the club.

Heat gun has adjustable heat settings. Swing weight is the relationship of the weight at the clubhead end of the club to the weight at the grip end of the. While I've never actually pulled one, I have read everything I could find on-line on the subject. Welcome to The Sand Trap s golf forum. While the club has since been discontinued, it remains as a flat stick in the bags of duffers around the globe.

This allows the ball to launch higher. How do you compensate for this? You may want to call us if the differences are complex.