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  1. Keeping walkers in your barn is probably not the best idea.
  2. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time.
  3. Merle is one of the original survivors to be found in the camp on the outskirts of Atlanta.
  4. Unfortunately for her, the Woodbury leader is in strong conflict with her previous group of survivors and she has to find a way to deal with the two sides.
  5. She eventually came to find the survivors in the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
  6. This has made him one of Rick's most trusted lieutenants and he has become a major player in the post-outbreak society.

He is a volatile character within the group who creates a number of problems. In the early episodes, his character was driven due to his conflict with his brother, but since Merle was killed, Daryl has solidified himself as one of the core members of the group. Andrea first appeared in the second issue of the comics and was shown to be the older sister of Amy. Just wanted to say I love your Trivia questions and look forward to all your upcoming trivia posts!

Father Gabriel is a Priest and one of the few characters whose pre-apocalypse profession has carried into the world of the Walking Dead. She is timid and not especially helpful when it comes to taking out the Walking Dead, but she is still a valued member of the group. If you have been keenly watching Walking Dead seasons and the amazing characters that made it so successful, then you will definitely ace trivia quiz. Is Dale Horvath dead or alive? Is Father Gabriel dead or alive?

We do not collect any other type of personal data. You are looking for a man that's both reliable and can protect yourself and your family. It's unlikely she will make a comic book appearance as Kirkman doesn't seem to favor doing that anytime soon. With Lori comes a lot of baggage. Just leave them on their own.

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At first, The Governor seemed like he was nothing more than the well-meaning leader of the town of Woodbury. Michonne first appeared on the television series at the gates of the prison. Before the zombie apocalypse, Glenn Rhee was a pizza delivery boy. This is exactly the case with Tara, who may come off as a tough and gruff woman in it for survival, but we wind out that the decisions she has to make are tough ones. His wife, Sherry, married Negan to live the high life, which worked out until the two had a liaison and Negan found out about it.

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After the outbreak, they were evacuated from their home in Washington, D. Olivia was a coffee shop employee before the outbreak and her skills at inventory led her to take on the role of Quartermaster for the Alexandria survivors. Yes, they can fend for themselves.

We're still totally heartbroken about the outcome! Being in the zombie apocalypse would be scary no matter who you're with, but we sure hope that if we were there, Michonne would be on our side. After some time, she relocated to the Hilltop to help take care of Maggie.

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Dating your best friend's ex is usually a huge no-no. Keep up the fantastic work! Abraham was a member of the United States Army prior to the outbreak and he presents as a tough and brave man capable of intense battle. He's a mysterious man, but he's loyal and very protective over those he loves. You would be most likely to date Maggie.

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Do you abandon your new partner? You are more attracted to someone that needs taking care of instead of taking care of herself. Though he originally distrusted Rick, he came to appreciate and respect him as a leader. However, our partners, including ad partners, may collect data in relation to your Website usage as disclosed herein. But there are different rules in the zombie apocalypse, teachers dating teachers right?

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We are a team of enthusiasts who aspire to serve you by adding life to your everyday routine. Rosita's strength in not succumbing to the despair of the apocalypse is one of the reasons she was able to survive the end of the world. Armed with his crossbow, Daryl is one of the best hunters in the group and is great at helping them to get food and fight off walkers. After the loss of her entire family, Michonne became a tough survivor who doesn't let her emotions get in the way of what she knows has to be done but underneath it all, she's still a caring person. In the earlier seasons, dating site for finding Carol Peletier had a pretty heartbreaking backstory.

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Is Aaron still alive or did he die? Hide it and eat it by yourself. They're no longer a loved one. The walkers are right behind you and only one of you can escape. She was initially distrustful, but came to see her fellow survivors as family.

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After that, he joined Rick Grimes and his group of survivors. Keep in mind, however, that Daryl is quite the wild card and a borderline alcoholic. Time to flex your memory muscles and see what you remember. He was introduced to the series as something of an escort for Eugene on their way to Washington D.

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Supplies - Rejects from Studios. Unfortunately, valentine's gifts if you just Eugene makes a pretty shocking change later in the series. She will stand up to those who threaten her and those she cares about. This caused him to believe that Rick and his group were initially sent by God to punish him for his actions.

  • It was quickly made evident that her husband, Ed, was beating her, which drew the consternation of the other members of the group.
  • Rick was a police officer who was wounded and hospitalized when the outbreak occurred.
  • At least according to Shane Walsh there are.
  • Rick and his crew were all too eager to bring Deanna and her people up to speed.

The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Amy had spent a lot of her life before the outbreak angry with Andrea because she didn't visit home often enough and their age different put a lot of strain on their relationship. He may not be the bravest member, but his ability to build things that they need to survive like water filters and batteries makes his involvement with the rest of the group incredibly helpful.

Depending on your social media setting, the social media network will have record of this and may display your name or identifier in relation to this action. However, she's sure to keep you and your family safe. He went from playing a regular teenager living in New York City to playing Noah, a survivor in the zombie apocalypse.

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Aaron is one of the main characters who was first introduced to Rick and his group from Alexandria. Despite being stubborn, Hershel's medical knowledge became incredibly helpful to Rick and he soon became a crucial member of their group of survivors. Jesus is one of the most calculating and rational people in the entire post-outbreak world. Do you remember whether Noah is dead or alive? No, I've started a new life.

He is an important part of the team due to his ability to manufacture ammunition. Data Shared with Third Parties We do not sell or rent your personal data to third parties. Leave and find another place to stay.

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